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An action plan is agreed with your dedicated bilingual Sales Support on site. Our methodology during the exploratory phase, comprises the following steps:

Market Study

– Size, level of development and specificities of market
– Identification and qualification of end customers Competitors: key players, market shares, products, services and prices Identifying specific distribution channels
– Assistance with product certification and implementation with local standards
– Legal assistance and customs

Business Development

– Elaboration of a database of potential partners
– Translation and adaptation of your presentations and sales tools
– Presentation of your offer and validation of the interest of prospects
– Presentation of a report at the end of the exploratory phase

Business meetings with a representative of your company

– Organization of a series of business meetings with a representative of your company
– Organization of appointments and logistical support on site
– Translation and negotiation support
– Participation in a trade fair as an exhibitor or visitor

This first phase should allow to reach a knowledge of the market that allows to prepare your strategy for growth in this new territory.
Your company validates the potential of its product on the targeted market and can already establish sales TARGET for coming years.
First trade CONTRACTS start being negotiated with identified priority partners.

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