Creating International Business Opportunities

INTAO proposes specific solutions for your business objectives.

Our experts offer you the following services:


Targeting the correct business opportunities


Creating & managing sales networks


Identifying key players & creating cooperations


Boosting & consolidating your brand and sales


Developing your international communication

Local Presence

We assure the presence of a one of our operators on site


Finding the best tax, HR, … solutions to establish a new office abroad


(re)defining your global marketing strategy

 Your success makes ours: win-win collaboration!

We believe simple things can reach extraordinary results. That’s our philosphy.
To join INTAO, we established 4 steps process:



This audit ensures that the partner has the products, the services and the capacity to explore international opportunities. INTAO follows companies to get ready for this step with specific consultancy.


Depending on customer expectations, INTAO select the best and more appropriate channel to communicate and promote its Partner. Our task is to create the best business opportunities.

Opportunities Generation

When a business opportunity is created and in referrenced to the specific agreement between INTAO & the Prospet, a special follow-up is ensure to make that opportunity profitable for the Partner.

Selects Plans

In addition to its « action plan », INTAO offers the possibility to the partner to select optional services to increase its visibility or performance.

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